Mitch’n’Moo Range

Chicken LickenMitch’n’Moo Original

This nappy is great for day or night wear. The fabric is 100%polyester, single layer PUL compounded fabric which is waterproof and breathable. The nappy has our unique U shaped inside gusset; adding a poonarmi barrier and stopping leaks.

The inner is 100% polyester fleece with a pocket inside for one or both of the microfiber inserts. The nappy has a ‘washing tab’ to help preserve the velcro tab when washing. One-size design, adjusted by snap buttons and velcro.

Mitch’n’Moo Worker Bee

11659416_974146609272688_8276479807797631313_n Like the Mitch’n’Moo Original, the Worker Bee has our unique U shaped inside gusset, washing tabs, and is a one size design adjusted with 

snaps and velcro. 

The outer fabric is 100% polyester, single layer PUL compounded fabric which is waterproof and breathable.  The inner is 60% 

bamboo/ 30% organic cotton/ 10% coolplus fleece with a pocket inside, including an insert made of 3 layers of the same fabric. This is a slim fitting nappy perfect for daytime wear or under that special outfit.


Mitch’n’Moo Covers

Covers are great for fitted, pre-fold or the good old terry cloth flat nappies. 

Made of double layer PUL compounded fabric, which has excellent water-proof and breathable quality.

Three sizes to choose from: S, M, L, adjusted by velcro. Very roomy with inner double gusset design; providing that extra barrier against  leaks.


Mitch’n’Moo Wetbag

Feel confident using Mitch’n’Moo nappies when on the move with a Mitch’n’Moo wetbag. Made from the same material as the nappy outer  shell, the polyester compounded fabric  will keep smells and mess in. The bag seals with a sturdy zipper and has a handle allowing you to keep it separate from your fresh nappies and personal items while easy to carry. A must for your day out. Available only in Monkey.


Mitch’n’Moo Gift Certificates

Looking for a gift for a new mum or mum to be, why not give them a Mitch’n’Moo Gift Certificate to use online. Any amount is welcome, just contact us today to get yours ordered. 


Colour range

 The colour titles are inspired by the affectionate nicknames my mums and bubs group address their little ones by. My group has been so supportive of my new business, this was one way to say thanks.

 ‘Bean’ – green (Originals)   


‘The Duke” – dark blue (Originals)


‘Squirrel’ – orange  (Originals)  


‘Lobster’ – dark pink  (Originals)


‘Chicken Licken’ – yellow (Originals)


‘Monkey’ – brown (Worker Bee and Wetbags)  


‘Iggly’- pink (Worker Bee)


‘Butter’ – cream (Worker Bee and Covers) 


Prince ‘Prince’ – light blue (Worker Bee)



mountain mist‘Mountain Mist’ – Grey (Worker Bee)