My Inspiration – March 2012

The inspiration behind Mitch’n’Moo was the birth of my son. Once I had this little bundle of joy in my life I knew I not only wanted to do the best by him, I also wanted to have as much time at home with him. Hence the search was on to find a way to earn an income and not lose any precious time away from him. When the time came to return to work after maternity leave, I never imagined just how much my emotional heart strings would be tugged at on a daily basis. The stress of having to leave the house by 6.30am everyday and returning almost twelve hours later while tending to my house work and and trying to spend time with my Husband and child was just too much. Something would have to give.

I’ve been a duel user of cloth and disposables; with my love of cloth, (or shall we say my small obsession with cloth nappies), I knew this was my area, my little niche in the world. But how was I going to set up a business that would keep my interest and passion alive, and would benefit many new parents to the wonderful world of modern cloth nappies.

I talked about starting a business for the last 18 months but it wasn’t till a change at work that I was pushed to finally take a leap of faith in myself and put all my thoughts in to action.  Cass


Who are Mitch’n’Moo?